The Melbet affiliate program is an opportunity to make money that will not lose its relevance for many years to come. Gambling and sports betting are constantly gaining momentum, and companies always need a new audience. And if you can find a way to communicate with potential new users and attract them to the resource, then you can make good money on this.
Practice shows that Instagram is one of the best platforms for attracting new audiences for bookmaker sites and online casinos. A huge audience is concentrated here, and creating and promoting a product is not so difficult. In this article, we will tell you in detail how you can promote Melbet and make money with Instagram.

Why is Instagram ideal for promotions?

Many people say that the age of Instagram is gradually coming to an end — as if users are leaving there, choosing new platforms. But in fact, there is no reason to doubt the popularity of this resource: it is enough to analyze the views of top bloggers to understand that there are still a lot of people here. And there are the following reasons why Instagram is a great tool for the Melbet affiliate program.

Platform popularity

We have already said about this in a nutshell above. According to statistics, the application is used by more than 1 billion users a month, they spend at least 30 minutes a day in the feed. Also, an important point: most of the audience uses the «Overview» tab and pays attention to new accounts. Therefore, the account created to promote Melbet can definitely be noticed by the target audience.

Instagram users follow links frequently

More than 80% of users of the service, according to the data published by Facebook, use Instagram to search for goods, services, entertainment, online stores. And the overwhelming majority are ready to follow links to third-party resources, if only because it is very convenient to do this from a mobile device. Therefore, if you correctly set up advertising, prepare high-quality content, you can promote an affiliate program with fairly high conversion.

Audiences from around the world

There are not many social networks where users from different fears are concentrated. 88% of those who regularly use Instagram live outside the United States — the homeland of this application. There are many people sitting here from India, Brazil, Europe. And this diversity of audience can help connect with betting communities around the world. Some publishers even create multiple accounts, each promoting to audiences in specific countries or regions.

Relationship with Facebook

It’s no secret that Instagram is part of the social network Facebook, which bought the growing resource for $ 1 billion in 2012. And today, Instagram users are included in this largest media conglomerate on the planet. Users can merge their accounts, which will help increase reach, reach different target audiences, drive more traffic and, consequently, make much more money.

What content should I publish?

It seems that the target audience is the same everywhere. But each platform with which you plan to attract traffic has its own characteristics. What do you need to post on Instagram to grab the attention of the right audience?

Strategies, tactics, and systems

Experienced bettors know full well that relying on luck to bet is a losing bet. There are a huge number of strategies, tactics, and systems that allow you to stay in the black at a distance. But not everyone is familiar with them, they do not know how to implement them in practice. And in this direction, you can create content for Instagram: in the most accessible and understandable form, talk about the strategies that work best.

Publications about successful bids

Another way to convince people to use an affiliate program link for betting and gambling is to show that you can actually make money with this industry. Screenshots from bookmakers, videos, photos — all this can be safely used. Potential users will want to follow the same path, try to achieve the same life. For example, the main target audience is young boys and men. Photos surrounded by attractive women can work as a psychological trap.

Overview of bonuses and special events

Bookmakers and online casinos regularly offer bonuses, promotions, special programs, and events to their customers. And informing about them is another good topic to promote on Instagram. The audience will be grateful for timely information, and there will always be many reasons for content.

Information about sporting events

Detailed information about sporting events is very important for successful bets. The more statistical and analytical data a player has in his arsenal, the more likely he is to make the right choice and beat the bookmaker. Therefore, on this basis, you can come up with content and convince potential new customers to follow the link and register with Melbet.

How to monetize your Instagram profile?

In addition to the affiliate program, other ideas can be promoted through Instagram that can generate additional money. For example, develop other social networks with its help, offer paid sports predictions, or conduct consultations. But all this must be implemented carefully when the core of the audience has already formed.


The Melbet affiliate program allows you to earn a lot of money: the main thing is to correctly use this opportunity. You can use different platforms and social networks to attract. Instagram is one of the best places to start. Content can be created without much difficulty, if it is visually attractive and carries at least some benefit, it will find its audience.