Melbet has an affiliate program with which you can make money. It is intended for people with experience in marketing, social media, and traffic arbitrage. To receive passive income, you need to attract new users to the site. There are many ways on the market today that you can do this.
The YouTube portal is one of the most reliable and proven ways to drive traffic. New platforms and projects appear and die, and this video hosting only strengthens its position every year. How can you set up Melbet Casino affiliate program by attracting users from YouTube?


Benefits of using YouTube for traffic

Experienced arbitrage webmasters have noted a number of advantages of YouTube for attracting new Melbet customers.

Huge audience

YouTube is one of the portals with the largest audience, with billions of people using the site and watching videos every day. And with a competent approach, you can find your audience here, which may be interested in the promoted product.

The ability to integrate with other platforms.

Those involved in arbitration know very well that working with only one platform or social network will not lead to good results (from a financial point of view). You can create a thematic video on YouTube, and you can distribute it on Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks, on various sites. Also, videos can appear on Google or other search engines, which can also help attract new customers for Melbet.

Video is good visual information

It has been scientifically proven that a large number of people perceive information better visually. Therefore, a simple but informative video is a really good tool that, in the right hands, can turn into a tool for passive income. Also, YouTube videos are much easier to share with friends, you can actively comment on them and maintain public interest.

A good tool for finding a target audience

YouTube is known for its recommendation system: the target audience gets the content they need. And it can also help in attracting new customers: those who have previously watched similar videos will see similar ones in their feed. Of course, there are also many auxiliary factors at play here: a splash screen, a provocative title, a good description, tags. But it is undoubtedly possible and necessary to use this.

Video monetization

Using YouTube can generate additional income. The main task, of course, is to attract users to Melbet. But for the content with which the webmaster promotes the product, you can get additional money: place ads, get a percentage from Google for ad views. There are examples when people earn tens of thousands of dollars a month on this alone. But you shouldn’t rely solely on making money from monetization: you can always get restrictions if you break the rules even a little.

How to Create Screen Recorded Videos for YouTube?

Screencast is a very popular trend on this service: the user records his screen and turns it into an interesting video. It’s not that hard to create. Let’s talk in more detail about how to do it yourself.

Screen recording and editing software

First of all, let’s get acquainted with the programs that allow you to record what is happening on the screen and help you work with the resulting content. There are tons of free and paid utilities on the market. The most popular of them are:
OBS Studio.
Free Cam.
Filmora Scrn.
The next step is video editing. For these purposes, you can use programs such as Camtasia, Filmora, or Ezvid.

Preparing the script

Before creating a video, you need to think over and understand what it will consist of. It is important that before starting work there is a clear understanding of what kind of content should be the result. It is advisable to write everything down on paper: stages, sections, and thoughts, think about how everything will look visually. It is imperative that you need an output at the end to make the video look complete. Practice shows that this stage can significantly reduce the time to create a video and reduce the number of errors.

Recording frames

Now that you have a step-by-step script in hand, you can start shooting content. For example, you decided to create a guide on how to register on the Melbet website. This means that you need to film each stage, preferably with audio or text commentary. You can make several options so that there is a choice during the final editing.
It is imperative to make sure that there is no personal information on the screen while recording a screencast. Another tip is to pause between sections to make the video easier to edit if necessary.

Editing and adding music

After that, the video can be assembled into a single whole. You need to make sure that everything looks beautiful, that the transitions between scenes are not too sharp, that the finished product is really interesting to look at. Check the sound quality, whether the voice matches what is happening in the picture. You can also use music: you just need to be careful, as YouTube closely monitors copyrights.

Preparing a miniature

A thumbnail is an image that a YouTube user sees before launching a video. And, in fact, a lot depends on its quality. You can use pictures, interesting fonts — the main thing is that it hooks a potential viewer who follows the link and signs up. If you plan to continue working on the channel, then it is advisable to work out a single style so that everything looks harmonious.

What topics to choose for videos

And now the most important thing — what topics should be used for videos in order to promote Melbet and attract new users from YouTube with their help? Let’s take a look at the most working examples:
Registration bonuses. Almost all bookmakers and casinos offer welcome bonuses for new users (free bets, deposit bonus, etc.). And many have questions about this, and for answers, they go to the Internet. And then it all depends on the mechanisms used by the affiliate marketer to attract traffic.
Seasonal promotions and events. On major holidays or during large sports tournaments, Melbet often comes up with interesting events. And they can be covered: users will see the video, be interested in the offer and follow the link. Bingo!
Description of slots. Info videos are also a good tool for YouTube audiences. There are dozens of slots and various games on the Melbet Casino website, the intricacies of which are not so easy to understand. In the videos, you can talk about how they work, what you need to pay attention to while playing, what new slots appear, etc.

Summing up

Using YouTube with the Melbet Casino affiliate program is a really useful tool that can help you make more money. With the right choice of subject matter, a well-thought-out script, and good editing, you can gather an audience around you, which will actively click on links and register. Melbet, in turn, is ready to assist publishers with geo-targeting and selection of advertising materials.