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How to work with statistics and analytics in the personal account of the MELBET affiliate program?


In the MELBET affiliate program, in the reports section, you can generate various reports on the statistics of your traffic. Summary and full reports, reports on promo materials, and even a detailed report on attracted players, there is also a report on attracted sub-partners (you can see their profit and statistics).

Statistics are updated every 30 minutes, if you do not see a registered player and you know for sure that he has registered, wait, and see the statistics later.
The most effective way is to view statistics for the previous day.

summary report

1. summary report

Inside personal account of the Melbet affiliate program in the reports section, you can generate a summary report.
To do this, you need to select the period for which you want to see the report and click «generate report».




You can also see a separate brief report by changing the currency (if available if you have different traffic), site (resource), if you have several of them and separately for Melbet promo materials, for this you need to enter their id media.




full report

2. Full report

The full report allows you to generate reports for all resources (if you have several of them), including a separate report for the Melbet promo code and referral link.
Also, a full report can be exported to an xls or cvs file.




promo materials report

3. Melbet promo materials report

The report on promo materials shows complete statistics on all banners, which you can find in the «martketing tools — promo materials» section, as well as detailed statistics on promo codes and referral links.
That is why it is important when forming a referral link to enter a subid for it — so that later you can see the report for each link separately and understand where the traffic comes from.




player report

4. player report



Report will not show players without deposits. Only active players.

In order to view the report on players who have not yet had deposits, check the corresponding box.

Or you can view the report only for new players who have registered within a certain selected period.


sub affiliates report

5. sub afiiliates report

the sub-affiliate report shows the statistics of the partners you have attracted by your special sub-referral link, including your profit from their income.
We offer each partner at least 3% of the income from sub-partners attracted by them.



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